Crafting a better, more local message

It’s been talked about more than once this summer – if you allow one or two businesses to dominate the sound waves, they end up defining the brand. The message has been repeated at one meeting after another, and this week it was at the Block Island Tourism Council’s meeting on Wednesday, August 10.Traditionally the Tourism Council does a spring and a fall advertising “push.” But they don’t, generally speaking, advertise in Rhode Island, or even in Boston, as those areas are so close that they are more apt to make the islandappeal to day trippers, as opposed to people who might stay overnight. The council likes to put “heads in beds” as Director Jessica Willi likes to say. (It should be noted that that is where most of the funding for the Tourism Council comes from – hotel taxes.)On Wednesday though, the members of the council decided to rethink their strategy. Willi said that in the fall they tend to target a more “mature” audience, those in the 45 to 65 years of age range as opposed to the 35 to 65 demographic targeted in the spring. She adds in images of things like birding. “We shift

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