Block Island Times

Deer herd remains frustratingly high

Sue Gibbons has an idea.
The science teacher at the Block Island School went before the members of the Deer Task Force to propose a plan that she hopes will significantly reduce the deer population. The Deer Task Force is on the record as saying the deer population is not being culled in any significant way.
“I would be for eradication” of the deer, Gibbons said at the meeting on Feb. 11, “but I don’t think that’s a possibility. I am a strong deer herd reducer — and we need to do that substantially, and we’re not.”
What Gibbons proposed was a way to encourage hunters to take as many deer as possible without having to process or field dress the carcass. Gibbons proposed hiring one or two people to do that for the hunters, as well as possibly renting or purchasing a cooler to keep the deer fresh while it is waiting to be dressed.
Gibbons was proposing a “town system for appropriate processing and transport” of the taken deer. “If the local hunters say no” to the proposal, said Gibbons, “there’s no reason to go any

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