Block Island Times

Diane, a story for Christmas

This is a story plain and simple about a woman on an island out at sea.
Her name is Diane and that alone explains who she is, nothing more. If you live on this island you would know Diane. She is seemingly around the inner town on any given day when she isn’t working. Her work is helping to keep people company that are unable to be by themselves, a companion, a watchdog, a caregiver and able to make a sad face smile.
You see, Diane never has a bad day, never complains about anything, is up and bright on the worst days and times. What is so interesting is that she would appear to have nothing, and want nothing but a few possessions. That may not be true but that is what she portrays. Her wealth may be far more than what any of us possess one way or the other.
I have known Diane for many years having to hire her services for an elderly island man whose wife had died and he was a lost soul if not for Diane able to take over for me. The last two years of his life were some

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