Block Island Times

Dick’s Fish

Tucked behind Dead Eye Dick’s in New Harbor is its companion market Dick’s Fish. It’s the brainchild of partners Jessica Wronowski and Paul Vitu, who conceived of the idea over the winter. It’s the first new fish market on Block Island in modern memory.The pair ran Finn’s Seafood Restaurant for three years and its companion fish market for the past two. Although they gave up thatventure, Vitu says running the fish market became ingrained in him and in this newly reconfigured space they have made the market to their own dream specifications. It includes a tank for live lobsters, several types of incredibly fresh-looking finfish and shellfish, and all the fixings to make a complete meal at home or on a boat. You can even buy a bouquet of flowers from MimiArnold – The Farmer Florist – with blooms grown right here on Block Island to grace your table.Except for the salmon, which is farm raised, and the mussels, from the not-all that- far-flung Prince Edward Island, all the fish is from local New England waters. Lobsters come from Point Judith; soft-shell clams, also called steamers, from Maine.
The oysters are uber-local, coming directly from the pristine waters

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