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Discussions on moped operations to continue

The discussion on any possible recommendations on moped rentals and operations has been pushed to the Town Council meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 19. The presence of additional Rhode Island State Troopers on the island on weekends for the remainder of the summer season was the primary reason for delaying any action, as councilors wanted to see how the State Trooper presence impacted the number of accidents and other vehicular infractions.
First Warden Ken Lacoste also noted he had received communication from the moped operators this afternoon that councilors needed “to digest and process.” The council had also reached out to Gov. Gina Raimondo’s office “relative to the other concerns we have about the mopeds. We are waiting to hear back,” said Lacoste. Lacoste added the possibility of a ban is still being looked at by the council.
“We haven’t exhausted that option yet. We are waiting to hear information back,” said Lacoste. The council met on Monday, Aug. 17.
Second Warden Boudreau added his thoughts on the moped situation.
“Some of us are willing to go the distance and vote to pull these licenses… I think as most people know, there’s several [people] that do favor banning them,

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