Dispatch from the Global Symphony

Out of the blue one Saturday morning The Block Island Times received an email with a picture of Block Island emerging out of the fog. It had a short and simple message:“Hi, here’s one taken from Global Symphony the other week.” Regards, Colin Cowie.Readers will recall the fascination with the Global Symphony, the 426-foot ship sent by Orsted to complete its portion of the cable reburial project, threading a new section of cable through the pre-laid conduit and then splicing it onto the existing cable that delivers electricity from the Block Island Wind Farm to the mainland.The gleaming ship with the red hull and a helicopter landing pad on the bow arrived in Providence on March 17 and then departed for – and arrived at – Block Island on the following Saturday, March 20. As it sat just offshore, it’s size defied perspective, at once appearing far off, and at other times so close it looked like perhaps it had crawled up onto the beach. It dwarfed the Block Island Ferry and yet, the still, dense fog of late March days completely obscured it from view at times.Of course The Times asked Cowie if he would be willing

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