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Dog days of summer police report

Police Chief Matt Moynihan gave his monthly update to the Town Council last week, reporting very little crime on the island in the previous four weeks. “We had three arrests; one domestic violence, one disorderly conduct, and one motor vehicle related arrest,” Moynihan said. The police department also issued 26 court summonses and 112 parking tickets.
The chief told the council there had been 70 motor vehicle enforcement stops, but emphasized that the officers on patrol and the Community Safety Officers have many more interactions with the public that result in corrective behaviors but do not result in a policereport. He mentioned sending moped riders back to the rental agency to acquire protective eyewear as one of these types of encounters.Moynihan reported shoplifters were apprehended at a 95 percent rate, and he was experiencing “good cooperation and feedback from the shop keepers.”Traffic accidents are down, at least those involving mopeds. Moynihan reported 13 moped accidents in the four-week period, bringing the total at the mid-point of August to 41. There were 53 total moped accidents last year. Of the 13 accidents, 12 of them were single moped accidents, with only one of the accidents involving another vehicle. Eleven

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