Double Ender Committee plans a parade

You can always cancel an event, but if you don’t plan for it first, you can’t have it at all. That seems to be the approach various organizations and town boards are taking when it comes to planning spring and summer events on the island.
The Double Ender Committee, an independent not-for-profit group, is hoping for the best as they make plans for the annual Fourth of July parade and fi reworks. The fi reworks display, usually held on July 3, will instead be on Friday, July 2, and the parade is scheduled for Monday, July 5. The theme this year is “Celebrate America.”
The organizers say that both events will be held according to any guidelines issued by the R.I. Department of Health that are in place for the weekend of July 4, and that they have consulted with both the New Shoreham Police Department and Dr. Warcup of the Block Island Medical Center. “And we really thought that the island would be ready for a party.”
Based on last summer and fall’s numbers, all indications are that Block Island, once again, will have a flourishing, thriving summer season. Last year not only proved that nothing could

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