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Dr. Warcup provides update on allotment of vaccines

Block Island Medical Center Director Dr. Tom Warcup provided an update on the delivery of vaccines to the island during the Town Council’s virtual meeting on Monday, Jan. 4. Last week, the Block Island Medical Center, which is designated as a Covid-19 vaccination site, received its first allotment of Moderna Covid-19 vaccines: a total of 70 doses, with the vaccines distributed within 72 hours for Fire, Rescue and Medical personnel in the community.
“We went through the first round of every [Emergency Medical Service] and Fire personnel that had signed up for the vaccination. We also included individuals that are death care professionals or morticians on the island. We were fortunate, because some individuals were getting vaccinated off-island – we had 10 additional vaccines after we [vaccinated] EMS at the vaccination site. We went right ahead to try to get hold of the most vulnerable of our population – those of 90 years of age,” said Warcup.
He added, after communicating with the Rhode Island Department of Health earlier that day, “there will be an automatic vaccination allotment for those 70 individuals that received vaccines” so that they may receive their second dose.
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