Dump closed due to improper disposal

The town transfer station was closed for about four hours on Tuesday, June 5, after someone apparently disposed of hazardous pool chemicals. The transfer station was closed from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. just as a precaution, said Town Manager Ed Roberge, who was called to the site early in the afternoon. The transfer station extended its hours of operation that day in order to accommodate anyone who may have been inconvenienced.
“There was a minor incident this morning,” said Roberge. “Fire and Rescue went up and dealt with the issue. The response was fine; everybody did a great job.”
Roberge said the chemicals that were disposed were “hazardous by nature” and said that if anyone is unsure of the nature of their trash they should ask a staff member at the Transfer station before it is disposed of.
“BIRM staff is always there. Just ask,” said Roberge. “We just need to be careful.”
Roberge said the town was reviewing the situation. — Lars Trodson


Block Island Times Article

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