Federal government seeks comments for hunting proposal

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering a plan to expand hunting to all of the Block Island National Wildlife Refuge’s 133 acres, and has opened up a public comment period until June 1. 
“Currently, there are white-tail deer hunting opportunities at Beane Point, Sandy Point, Grove Point and Wash Pond hunting units, with some season and weapons restrictions… The proposed hunt plan would open all of the Refuge’s 133 acres to white-tailed deer hunting with some season and weapons restrictions. In addition, Wash Pond Unit would open to migratory bird hunting (ducks, coot, and merganser). State safety regulations would apply” according to a statement by Fish and Wildlife Service.
Barbara MacMullan, Chair of The Land Trust, said the issue will be discussed at its next meeting on Thursday, May 21.
Details of the plan include:
• Beane Point and Sandy Point Units would match state regulations for hunting deer (October through February)
• Grove Point, Wash Pond, and Skippers Island Units would be open for archery only deer hunting, matching the state archery season (October through February)
• Wash Pond Unit would be open during the state migratory bird hunting season for duck, coot, and

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