Filippi talks business and what reopening may look like

Republican House Leader Blake Filippi, R-Dist. 36, answered questions from the Block Island business community during an event sponsored by the Block Island Chamber of Commerce on Monday, May 4.
Here is a link to a video of the conference call:

Here is a transcript of that conversation as provided by Rep. Filippi’s office.
Q: How does/will the Governor’s reopening plan guidelines impact the Block Island ferry? Are they subject to “gatherings of 50” rule? Or just social distancing regs?
A: We’ve had extensive discussions with the Governor’s office about this, as well as Interstate. We believe the ferry should not be considered a gathering. Rather it is a mode of transportation, not subject to the 50 person limit, but it must be able to maintain proper social distancing. Interstate is developing plans to responsible service the island, and we have full faith in their ability to responsibly continue their lifeline service. 
Q: In Phase 3, “travel restrictions” are mentioned, but not explained. Are travel restrictions in place during Phase 1 and 2?  If so, what are they?  
A: We are awaiting more guidance from the Governor on these restrictions. As we receive this

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