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Final touches for Cherry Hill Lane

During the recent Housing Board Meeting, Housing Board Chair Cindy Pappas provided an update on the Cherry Hill Lane houses. Closings of the five affordable houses were announced back in July. The project, which was created in response to the lack of affordable housing in a town where some of the lower-priced homes hover around the $1 million mark, has been years in the making. The Housing Board met virtually on Tuesday, Sept. 15.
Pappas noted there had been adjustments on the houses’ windows, gutter installment was finished, and a “couple of items that Pariseault is working on.”
“I will quickly review that I went with Pariseault Builders and met with all of the homeowners. I think for the most part we are in good shape… Homeowners are happy and solar installation [will begin] for the end of this month, beginning of October,” said Pappas. “All Certificates of Occupancy are in, and the plantings that the landscaper Turtle [Hatfield] put in are still alive. There are some challenges with water runoff because there is not a lot of grass, which goes into the rain garden at the foot of the hill. Bain [Transue] is still tweaking that. We

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