Finding the holy in the ordinary

What do the Glass Orb Project, counting seals, birdwatching, and our search for spiritual significance in life have in common?
Perhaps more than we might think.
Emmanuel is one of the names we use for God at this time of year — it means God-with-us. It conveys the sense of a divine presence everywhere and anywhere. How we experience this reality is as individual as each of us are from each other. This is the idea that we will be developing all month in this Advent column and through a holiday discussion forum and video series offered by Harbor Church.
Each week we will examine a different facet of this simple question: How and where do I experience God, or the divine, in my daily life?
In this exploration of the spirit, we will share thoughts about things like discovering the divine in the outdoors, searching out the sacred in the ordinary, exploring the eternal in the everyday, and looking for life connections in the community. This week, let’s think about sacred spaces or holy places in our lives.
The words holy or sacred can be

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