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Finn’s praised for rapid, transparent response

The news that no one wanted to hear but was expected anyway came from the Medical Center on Monday, July 6, when it was announced a worker had tested positive for COVID-19. While the Medical Center could not identify the establishment where the worker was employed, word started to spread, and people wanted to know.
Less than 24 hours later, in a detailed response, Finn’s Seafood issued a statement to The Block Island Times that provided a timeline and details about the positive case, which was immediately posted online and received almost overwhelmingly positive responses from members of the community and island visitors alike.
Block Island Tourism Director Jessica Willi said that Finn’s Seafood handled the situation “perfectly.”
Willi said she was “not surprised they were the first one because they are doing the testing. They had a plan in place and implemented it perfectly. It’s so smart to keep their housing separate. They are clearly working with the Department of Health and everybody they need to work with and do what needs to be done.”
The response set the bar as to how other businesses should react to similar situations, Willi said.
“You break the news and

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