Block Island Times

First look at short-term rental regs

“In the end, we’re going to adjust everything for Block Island,” said Town Councilor Molly O’Neill at the outset of the council’s meeting on August 2 to discuss regulating short-term rentals.The meeting was a first attempt to craft an ordinance and everything was under consideration. The draft was compiled by Town Solicitor Nick Solitro. In putting it together, he said he had looked at the regulations put in place by other cities and towns. “There was a push three and four years ago,” he said, adding the draft “before you is all the options. The intent was to be over-inclusive.”First Warden Keith Stover said it was “important to note that tourism and visitors are the bedrock of our economy.”The draft ordinance envisions a registration process for homes being rented on a short-term basis that includes a local representative who can be contacted and also be expected to respond to problems within two hours of being notified of a situation. Also in the ordinance is the requirement to list such things as number of bedrooms, occupancy, limits on the number of cars based on the number of

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