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Make a Bigger Splash

Attract more customers by adding additional photos and more information to your listing. Use additional images and an enhanced description of your products and services to pilot more customers into your place of business.

Premium Multiple Screens
Button Links

Add Links to Menus, Band Schedules, Reservations, Review Sites and More

 Make it easy for visitors to get more useful info right on their phone. Link via a prominent button to menus, schedules, reservations, Yelp or a PDF.    

Show in Top Listings

Get preferential placement in the top listing in your specific listing categories. Higher placement means you stand out and drive more people to your listing.  

Show in Top Listings on Block Island App

Incentivize with Smart Coupons

Go beyond simple print coupons with Smart Coupons. Get creative with how you give customers discounts. Example ideas include: 

  • Give 25% off your first meal during the summer 
  • First 10 customers get 30% off the next two weeks 
  • Come in between noon and 4pm and get 15% off
Coupons options are only limited to your imagination. Coupons are redeemed right in front of you so there is no lost revenue. Best of all you can track usage analytics via the app.  

Get Your Events Highlighted

Get your key events included in the BI app calendar. Your announcement will appear on the app home screen on the day of the event as well as in the upcoming event listings.  

The net results will be more people coming to your special event!

Link To Your Social Media Sites

Include links to all social media pages. Seamlessly drive app users to your social media content to enhance their experience and foster your community.