Block Island Times

Gov. Raimondo asks domestic travelers to coastal towns to ‘be responsible’

At her daily news conference today, March 24, Gov. Gina Raimondo was asked about what she would say to people who are coming from New York City to return to their summer homes in coastal communities, such as Newport, Westerly, and Block Island.
Here is her response:
“I’m hearing this question a lot from Westerly, and Block Island and Newport. At this point I have chosen not to do a shelter in place for the state. Having said that, the concern I’m hearing from these coastal towns is lots of folks are flocking from New York City to their summer homes. New York City is obviously a hot spot and people in Westerly and Newport and Block Island are getting nervous. First, I think it is completely appropriate for those town managers and mayors to take the action they think is necessary to keep their community safe. As a matter of the state, I am not taking that approach, but if you live in a small coastal community, by all means, as a town manager or mayor do what you think is necessary to keep your residents safe. I would say, I think it is completely appropriate for

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