Block Island Times

Gov. Raimondo: ‘Block Island is not doing well.’

During today’s news briefing, Gov. Gina Raimondo was asked again about non-compliance on the Block Island ferry. She answered with the following:

“Block Island is not doing well. Let me just say this. We need to do better on Block Island. Newport is doing well. Now why am I saying Block Island and Newport? Both have a lot of tourists — a lot of visitors from out of town. The community in Newport has really come together. Mask compliance is good, not many problems in restaurants and bars. We need to get better with more resources and inspectors on Block Island.”

Raimondo added that “We have folks monitoring the ferry. We need to do something about Block Island.” She said the ferry was handing out masks.

When asked specifically about what she might propose to address the problems here, Raimondo paused and said, “I don’t know. Again, we’re trying.”

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