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Governor weighs in on State Police issue

The Town Council received an update from lobbyist Rick McAuliffe of the Mayforth Group on the “Mexican standoff” between the town and the Rhode IslandState Police on Friday, April 29. The State Police are currently requesting $45,000 for the summer season, to provide two officers on weekends. Four of the five council members don’t think the town should have to pay it.
Unfortunately, according to McAuliffe, the governor does not have the island’s back. McAuliffe said he met with Governor McKee, and explained the town’s position on not paying for the troopers. McAuliffe said that despite the acknowledgement of the presence of state-owned roads on the island, McKee said he would support the position of the State Police. The governor wants the island and the State Police to find a solution for the issue going forward, according to McAuliffe.
He said that there is a projected budget surplus at the state level, but that the town will not know if the governor will use any of that money to cover the State Police cost until June or July, and the money would not be allocated until August.McAuliffe said that his goal was to “put options on the table,”

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