Great Salt Pond photo scavenger hunt

The Committee for the Great Salt Pond Photo Scavenger Hunt returns this year after a successful debut last summer when people were looking for socially-distant things to do.The theme for 2020 was “Salt Pond.” This year it’s “Andy’s Way.”All you need is a camera and a trip to the GSP. Take pictures of objects that spell out Andy’s Way. For example, a picture of an anchor can represent the A in Andy’s Way. A picture of a necktie can represent an N. Once you have photos representing each letter – no duplicates are allowed for the same letter, and the apostrophe is optional, send them to [email protected]. Be sure to include a description of what each photo represents and your name and address.
Everyone that successfully completes the task will win the prize of a popular Committee for the Great Salt Pond hat. Contest ends August 6.

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