Great Salt Pond Swim – Six a success

It was very early Saturday morning, actually 7:00 a.m., when volunteers came into the swim area, each performing specific tasks to prepare for the swim. This year we had to do things a little differently due to the possible presence of Covid-19 and other viral strains. No tents were raised this year and no food was present on the property, only water in individual bottles. Tables were set up, registration areas organized, heavy bottles of water lugged down to the beach, setting up the swim course. What an amazing group of volunteers, arriving as the sun was rising in the sky.
On Saturday, July 31st, the Committee for the Great Salt Pond’s sixth annual Great Salt Pond swim took place at Andy’s Way, and was a great success. In addition to creating awareness of this great resource, this is a fundraiser to supplement the water testing program in the recreational swim area. Although last year was lost to Covid, 98 swimmers took part in the event, ranging in age from 12 to 78 and one of our swimmers completed the virtual version of the swim. The first person out of the water was Logan Hellwig with an amazing

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