Hank Lemoine gets his wish

It was longtime Block Island School science teacher Hank Lemoine’s final wish to return to Block Island and end his journey here. Hank and Toni Lemoine were treated to a soldier’s send-off at Pt. Judith on Monday, June 22, and were greeted by friends and former colleagues on the island. He is now staying with the Cyr family.
Mr. Lemoine’s friends and colleagues shared some stories and memories about him:
From former teacher Nancy Greenaway:
Hank Lemoine and I were colleagues for decades at the Block Island School.
An outstanding science teacher, he prepared engaging classes and shared his vast knowledge with skill and humor.
He loved the natural world — including the heavens above — and his appreciation encouraged us all to learn more.
I remember particularly, however, an occasion not related to his classes. The student body was attempting to learn more about the Viet Nam War. Hank, who had served in that war, spoke movingly about his experience and broke into tears. I had lived through the war as a civilian, studied the war and the politics around it, but it was that time with Hank that allowed me to feel the impact of the

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