Block Island Times

Happy Valen-Times Day

My lovely Mermaidyes we are a million miles apart.You stole my heartNot a day goes by I’m not thinking of you andour Block Island love that has stayed so true.In my heart, love The Fisherman 
Geoffrey L:Roses are red, Violets are blue,Mr. Wonderful, We love you!!Love and Thank You, Mom and Dad 
Malcolm and NancyWalker GreenawayCelebrated 50 years married on 8/30/20and as residents of Block IslandThe Donovans BI-6 1974 
GONEGone – Not to fish. Left her heartlike a broken dish. The best to himshe does wish. It’s been so long.Siren sings her song. Maybehe will be back someday for visitif not to stay. She looks along theshore for the Fisherman once moreTruth prevailed before that shiphad sailed. Our connection derailedcontact between us suddenly failedstill wish that he will fish for meReturn from the Sea. Listen for hercall. She wants him Most of AllHOOK LINE AND SINKER– Anonymous
Happy Valentine’s DayJack, Sam & Henry! We love you!Mommy & Daddy
Wishing my sweet, Jason PezzulloA happy Saint Valentine’s Day. I love youand I love Block Island, especially with you.Love, Anastasia Custer 
Roses are redViolets

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