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Harbors Committee gets update on Management Plan

Kevin Cute of the R.I. Coastal Resources Management Council attended the Harbors Committee meeting on Thursday, Feb. 18 to provide an update on the Harbor Management Plan. The committee last spoke with Cute in December 2020. Since that time, Cute has been reviewing and cross-referencing the plan to a checklist from CRMC to make sure all language is in accordance with state guidelines and regulations.
Revisions to the HMP were approved by the Town Council and sent to the CRMC about a year ago for review. Although Cute had some minor edits that needed review, overall, he expressed satisfaction with the plan.
“You deserve to have this plan approved as soon as possible,” said Cute. “My intent is to go back to the folks [at CRMC] internally – I would approve this for a five year right now. I will get some feedback and see where we are. It would be great to have a chat again and have a nice finalized plan that is approved for the next five years,” said Cute.
In a phone call later in the week with The Block Island Times, Harbormaster Kate McConville noted the HMP is “a working document. Every five

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