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Harbors Committee making changes to private rental moorings

“The one-day rule is indefensible,” Member Carl Kaufmann told the Harbors Commitee on January 20. Kaufmann was referring to the current length of time a private mooring owner is required to use their mooring. Some moorings only end up getting used by the owner for that one day, with Harbormaster Kate McConville verifying that the registered boat is on the mooring for the 24-hour requirement.
If a mooring is not in use, the harbormaster has the ability to rent the mooring on a nightly basis. McConville said there are approximately 25 out of 290 moorings that she can “confidently” rent for multiple nights.Member GaryPollard brought up the idea of extending the required mooring time, saying he wanted the group to “focus on deciding the duration” of the requirement. He said the committee had discussed the issue for years, but had not done anything.
Kaufmann said he thought the time limit should be two weeks at a minimum, and said he could see having it even longer than that. He also said the two weeks should be continuous and should be during the peak season.
There was some discussion of the difficulty of keeping track of how many days

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