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Help wanted: One (or two) building inspectors

New Shoreham Building Official Marc Tillson has put the town on notice that he will be officially retiring from his fulltime position at the end of October 2020, after 30 years on the job, and that action should be taken to find a successor, or two, as soon as possible.
Tillson reminded the Town Council at its meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 15, that he first alerted the town that he was retiring back in September 2018. Despite the fact that a classified ad announcing the job was placed in The Block Island Times, no action other than that has been taken on finding Tillson’s successor. (The ad received one response from a person without the necessary qualifications.)
Tillson again notified the town in October 2019 that he would be willing to stay on for another year, but he informed the council at the Wednesday meeting that he never heard back. “I’ve had no response from the town,” he said at the meeting.
Tillson said that there was more at stake than just filling his position. Construction is the second largest industry in the Town of New Shoreham, and he said

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