Block Island Times

Housing Board gathers inspiration for next affordable housing

Seeking ideas for the design of their next project, members of the Block Island Housing Board toured the Martin House development on Ocean Avenue during a special hybrid meeting on Tuesday, April 6. The part Zoom, part live meeting allowed the members to get a sense of the scope and scale of the development while following social distancing protocols and measures.The board is seeking inspiration for the next affordable housing project that is to be located on West Side Road at an undeveloped lot across from Ball O’Brien Park (Plat 18, Lot 2-3).At the Martin House, Chair Cindy Pappas said: “[We are] looking at three units to get a sense of size, floor plan, design, and placements.”Members expressed interest in the smallscale size of the development, with the units laid out for both single residents and for couples.“I like the architectural feel,” said member Millie McGinnes.“I think this is an interesting shape, still functional, with outdoor living space,” added Pappas.Then the board regrouped at the Ball O’Brien Park pavilion – across the street from the undeveloped lot – to discuss thenext steps for the project there.“Thanks for everyone joining on the tour. It helps your creative juices continue,”

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