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Housing Board has an open seat

With less than two weeks left before election day, the Housing Board announced that it currently has a vacancy. Member Millie McGinnes provided the board with some background during a telecommunications meeting held on Tuesday, Oct. 13.
“We have two publicly elected seats this election, and [member] Kay McManus is running for one of those seats. She is on the ballot, and for the second elected position nobody put their signatures in to qualify, so we have a vacancy,” said McGinnes. She said that if anyone had any ideas for someone “running last minute, that would be fabulous.”
“Right now, I haven’t heard anything,” added McGinnes.
Chair Cindy Pappas thought it would be best to consider all options for finding a candidate, with specific interests in reaching out to island homeowners living in the town’s affordable housing developments, such as the Cherry Hill Lane and West Side developments.
“I think it would be nice to find somebody… and not just be a placeholder,” said Pappas.
Member Rosemary Tobin added she would like to find someone of “diversity, a minority in our community” to add more inclusivity to the board.
Pappas asked members Stacy Henshaw and Tobin to take

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