Housing Board seeks inspiration for next project

Members of the Housing Board continued discussions planning the next affordable housing project for the island at their meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 9. The available property is across the street from the Ball O’Brien Park on West Side Road (Plat 18, Lot 2-3). The board has been collecting potential ideas and guidance over the past few months.
Member Rosemary Tobin referred to the Housing Board’s survey of the current housing needs.
“The greater need is for rental,” said Tobin. “I feel with this piece of land, it’s better with more [rental] units than houses.”
“[The Housing Board Survey] is really relevant as we discuss our hope and dreams for the West Side Road property,” added Chair Cindy Pappas.
Pappas noted 67 percent of the respondents were looking to own their own home, and around 46 percent of respondents were looking for a rental.
Members John Spier and Stacy Henshaw said the board should take into consideration what people want and can also afford.
“I think that from looking at that survey, we need to meet some of the different demographics and [determine] what people are looking for,” said Henshaw.
Pappas and Spier updated the board on recent conversations

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