Block Island Times

Housing Board sets sights on next affordable development

“This is just the first step in trying to brainstorm and visualize the possibilities,” said Chair Cindy Pappas.
Members of the Housing Board toured a parcel of undeveloped property across the street from the Ball O’Brien Park (Plat 18, Lot 2-3) to gather ideas for their next affordable housing project. The board met for a hybrid meeting on Friday, Dec. 11, with the majority of members showing up in person to start the discussion.
“This is a really lovely piece of property and it is a high visibility piece. We want to be proud of what it looks like from the street, but it looks like we have reasonable contours and dry property,” said Pappas. 
“And plenty of space,” added member John Spier.
Spier provided three hypothetical sketches of developments on the property for the board: nine individual house lots using similar density to the Cherry Hill Lane development; three row houses with 12 units (similar to Searles Ball housing), with parking in front of the buildings and most of the lot used for traffic circulation; and 12 units in two large buildings with a remote parking lot on a different location of the lot, allowing for

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