In the spirit of sharing

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, members of the Block Island Volunteer Fire Department were treated to a, not firehouse franks and beans, but a gourmet feast of expertly prepared venison with all the fixings on Thursday, November 17. All the fixings included roasted asparagus, potatoes, home-made bread and apple crisp.Behind the occasion was the visit to Block Island of Mike Robinson, along with cameraman Joe Harding, both from England, to film an episode of Robinson’s show on the Outdoor Channel, “Farming the Wild.” He also does “Fishing the Wild.” Both series emphasize the ethical harvest of fish and wild game.With its ethos of living off the land, Block Island is a microcosm for such things and Robinson and Harding were here to document it.Robinson’s shows, episodes of which can be seen on YouTube, take viewers through the entire process of hunting, processing the carcass, and finally, cooking the meat, although not necessarily all in the same episode.As with many traveling cooking shows, showing off the local cuisine is central. While in Rhode Island this summer filming one of the fishing segments, Robinson met James Manni, former head of the Rhode Island State Police and now town manager in

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