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Interstate to run two fast ferries, increase boat schedule, on July 3

Beginning Friday, July 3, Interstate Navigation will be running two fast ferries to and from the island — the Athena and the Islander — and also ramp up the number of boat runs throughout the week.
On July 3, there will be a total of nine trips to and from Pt. Judith Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, there will be a total of 10 trips each day.
The passenger capacity of each boat has been cut by 50 percent, said Interstate’s Director of Security, Bill McCombe. The Athena will be carrying up to 125 passengers and the Islander about 150.
By using two boats, and increasing the number of runs, McCombe said that Interstate “will be meeting social distancing requirements, which is in the best interests of our customers while also meeting passenger demand.” The additional boat and the ferry schedule was approved by the Public Utilities Commission, said McCombe.
See the revised schedule here:

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