Block Island Times

It’s the little things…

Block Island has many endearing qualities that are hidden, that you won’t find elsewhere, that make it very special and unique. Qualities that add in some significant measure to the quality of life, some visual, like the phenomenal, utterly ridiculous job that landscapers perform out here along with the Highways Department, creating trimmed vistas devoid of trash that defy the crowds that descend each day. They are magicians you know.Another invisible one: I grew up an area in Providence called the Reservoir Triangle, because people like to pin you to a certain background when introduced. I can assure you, when I went to play basketball at Ardonene Field onNarragansett Avenue in Providence, a basketball left behind on the court for one to play with never existed.So how refreshing is it to walk by the court at the Block Island School, year-round, and always find a basketball left there for play. That doesn’t exist in America anymore, but it does here.From my front yard I see little kids out there at dawn by themselves, sometimes with parents or friends, shooting and racing up and down the court. I see spontaneous competitive 4 on 4 games delivered through new apps

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