Jim Berman at the Spring Street Gallery

The Spring Street Gallery is pleased to host Block Island At Night, a unique series of photographs by Jim Berman, all taken entirely in the dark of moonless nights. Says Berman, “I’ve challenged myself to see the island in a light not already on display from the island’s many talented and inspiring photographers; I chose no light at all.”“Over the past five years, while others slept, I’ve patiently captured sights of the island that caught my eye, usually after midnight. These are not composites of multiple images or special effects, but single clicks of the shutter, individual images that capture the mystery of the island…at night!”Berman, a video creative director and photographer has spent time on the island for nearly 50 years. First introduced to the island as a child with his brother Benton by their parents, Bill and Judy Berman, Jim now calls the island a second home. Originally from Boston, Mass., he spent 22 years in New York City before settling into his current home base of Los Angeles, Calif., where he lives with his wife, Carrie, and daughter, Shayna.“I’ve always been fascinated by what the camera sees and capturing that perfect moment. I’ve shot a

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