Block Island Times

Kate Knapp to exhibit at Jessie Edwards Gallery

New paintings in oil on canvas by Kate Knapp will be on exhibit at Jessie Edwards Studio from July 18 to August 10, 2023.Knapp’s quintessential renderings of Block Island in all its bucolic and vibrant beauty are favorites among both regular visitors and new. Her expressive and painterly style is most captivating. One of the beautiful aspects of Block Island is the sense of time and this place remaining the same throughout the years. Knapp captures this essence and feeling in her broad strokes and stunning views. Whether the view is from a porch, where we feel we are sitting or standing looking out through our own eyes, or of landscapes that fade off towards the sea, it is hard to feel anything but warmth and delight, with a sense of remembering a time when we saw that same scene, just so, on our own visit to the island.Knapp’s recent works depict 15 different views and scenes of Block Island. Her style captures the essence of what she sees and wants to portray. Her connection with the island is apparent and feels like we are looking at her

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