Kate Knapp’s new works on exhibit at the Jessie Edwards Studio

In her new exhibit of recent oils on canvas, Kate Knapp captures favorite views of the island at various times of the day with an emphasis on how the light changes and affects our perceptions of the land, sea, and sky. The show will be up from July 29 to August 10 with a virtual reception on July 30.In “Dories Rock Sunset,” the sun casts yellow streaks through the gray clouds and across the water as it eddies around a large rock in Dories Cove. In contrast, “Westside Sunset and Little Deer” is a long-range view of an orange and yellow sun setting in the distance and casting light across a lawn at that early evening hour when deer come out to graze.There are several views of the Narragansett Inn in New Harbor. “Narragansett Inn Porch View” looks over a porch rail to the outbuildings behind the inn while “Old New Harbor Porch View” is a scene of the morning light emphasizing the shadows of the railings on the porch. “Narragansett Inn and Harbor View” looks up from the front lawn at the pink hydrangeas against the white porch with the Salt Pond and the Coast Guard Station

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