Kern to recommend interim harbormaster

Town Manager Jim Kern will recommend that Kate McConville, currently the Harbors Department’s Administrative assistant, become interim Harbormaster when Steve Land leaves that position in mid-February.
Kern made this initial recommendation at the Town Council’s meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 15.
“The charter calls for there to be a harbormaster at the point that Mr. Land is no longer the harbormaster,” said Kern. Land is leaving the post on Feb. 14. “The person I think should be appointed has been off-island for a couple of weeks. My recommendation is to appoint Kate McConville as the interim harbormaster at the point Mr. Land leaves the position.”
The specific recommendation to name McConville as Land’s successor was not on the agenda, so First Warden Ken Lacoste asked if Kern wanted this placed on the agenda for the next meeting. Kern said he did.
Councilor Chris Willi recommended that the job be “posted internally and externally” — meaning to both town employees and the general population. Kern said doing both “defeats the purpose of having the internal notice” only, but said he would check with the town employee’s union about the whether

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