Lacoste thanks community in final meeting as First Warden

During the Nov. 18 Town Council meeting, Ken Lacoste announced that this would be his final meeting as First Warden, after serving seven terms on the Town Council.
“As tonight’s Warden’s Report will likely be my last, I ask for your indulgence as I would like to thank some folks,” said Lacoste.
Lacoste read a letter to the council and to the listening audience listening, giving thanks to those who offered support and guidance during his time as First Warden: the voters of Block Island; former colleagues on the Councils he had served since 2006; former First Warden Kim Gaffett, former Town Manager Nancy Dodge, Second Warden André Boudreau, and Second Warden Norris Pike; the Town Clerk’s office; Finance Director Amy Lewis Land; Town Solicitor Katherine Merolla; and town employees and department heads.
“And finally thank you to my family and employees who have tolerated my absences from home and work, at all hours of the day and night. Without the support of the ones you love and those in your everyday life this position would be have been unbearable,” said Lacoste.
“Thank you very much for allowing me this personal moment,” said Lacoste.
Second Warden André Boudreau,

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