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Land keeping a close eye on town budget

At the Town Council meeting on Jan. 15, Finance Director Amy Land gave a brief but succinct account of how the town’s finances are shaping up mid-way through the fiscal year. 
“We need to be very conservative,” said Land at that meeting, referencing the outlook for the next six to 18 months.
Land said that, coming off a strong summer season, building permits and various fees that come through the town clerk’s office were trending downward, and there are some long-term employee absences — positions that need to be filled with temporary hires — that are also impacting the town’s finances.
In a followup discussion with Land on Jan. 28, she pointed out that the town’s overall fiscal health was strong.
“Reserves are strong, taxes are strong, seasonal revenue is strong,” said Land. The 2020 budget for New Shoreham is $14,966,003.
“A lot of what the town is facing this year is employee and staffing-driven. We have had turnover,” she said. Former Town Manager Ed Roberge resigned unexpectedly. Building Official Marc Tillson will retire in the fall. Harbormaster Steve Land will be moving on in

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