Land Trust beefing up security on holiday weekends

For the second year in a row, the Land Trust had a problem with illegal and under-age drinking at the beach just south of Ballard’s Beach Resort on July 4. In order to get to the popular beach, one must either traverse Land Trust property where there is a beach access path, use the old abandoned path (“the cooler path”) at the Ocean View Pavilion, descend from Spring Street by the sewer outflow pipe or cross over from Ballard’s.After last year’s party left a trashed beach, then Chief of Police Matt Moynihan asked the Land Trust if they could hire a security guard to patrol the area on weekends and holidays, perhaps inspecting and confiscating liquor in coolers and backpacks, which they did. (The Land Trust has the right to forbid people from having alcohol on its property.)At the Land Trust’s meeting on July 14, Chair Barbara MacMullan said she got a call from the guard on July 4 asking if he could stay longer. She related that he had stopped about 200 to 300 people with alcohol, including about 20 minors. “He would like two people for the day” on holidays like the Fourth of July and

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