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Langevin wants to keep working

Democrat Congressman Jim Langevin has been working on what he called “two wars:” the health and economic crises that hit the country more or less at the same time just a little over six months ago. There is still work to be done on these fronts, as well as environmental issues and cybersecurity election threats, and that is why he hopes that voters in Rhode Island’s Second Congressional District will return him to office for an 11th term.
Langevin spoke to The Block Island Times from his office in Warwick on Tuesday, Sept. 29, during which he responded to challenges made by his Republican opponent, Bob Lancia, during a conversation with The Times last week.
Lancia said that Langevin, after 20 years in office, has sponsored only two bills that have reached the President’s desk.
“Maybe Bob Lancia doesn’t understand how congress works. It’s not like the state legislature where you introduce a bill and it works its way through and then the governor signs it into law,” he said.
While Langevin, who is 56, said he has introduced quite a bit of legislation, bills introduced in the U.S. Congress take a different course. Bills often get attached

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