Block Island Times


‘Incorrect and misleading’
To the Editor:
Regarding your reporting of my stepping down as the Block Island School Food Service Manager, the first sentence of your article is incorrect and misleading. To be clear, no questionable food handling practices have occurred since my employment and, as far as I know, under any previous management. Please choose your words more carefully. Inaccurate statements are confusing, potentially inflammatory and could cause unnecessary concern.
If you had been considerate enough to communicate with me before publishing out-of-context bits and pieces of a letter I wrote two months ago, I would have brought you up to date. You would have avoided misconstruing my motivation and unnecessarily raising parents’ concerns. My reasons for wanting to move on are personal and varied; I implicate no person or particular issue for my decision. Since writing to Supt. Michael Convery and Principal Kristine Monje on Sept. 29, some of the specifics I noted have been resolved or at least addressed. In particular, the grease trap has been repaired and is now easier to maintain. My letter was an opportunity to offer some personal perspective as the school hires

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