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Library juggling programs and projects

The Island Free Library Board of Trustees reviewed updates on its building and grounds, including window replacements, a solar project, and a new water fountain. 
The condition of the windows at the Library has been a topic of discussion for some time.
Library Director Kristin Baumann said that new windows had been ordered, but she had some concerns about the installation process.
“Just one concern on that project: I like clarity on that project. I feel I’m still a bit confused on what the phases are and who’s paying for what phase,” said Baumann.
The plan was for new windows to be installed in two different phases, but member Dave Sniffen said, “there’s no reason why they couldn’t be rolled into one phase.” Sniffen mentioned speaking to Facilities Manager Sam Bird about rolling the project into one, but the issue is that one phase was going to be paid for by the town, and the second phase with grant monies from the Champlin Foundation.
“I think it can be done in one shot, and we have the money to do it,” said Baumann.

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