Library reports continued progress into the new year

Correction: the Island Free Library was not entirely closed over the summer season. The library has been open since June providing outdoor services to patrons, and the building opened to the public in the fall.
While the Island Free Library was not open to the public during the summer season, Director Kristin Baumann announced during her Library Director’s Report at the Board of Trustees’ virtual meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 19 that the library was continuing to make progress and push forward after the holiday season.
“We just kept trying to move forward. We had a fun holiday season. There’s usually a lot of library programs and we run around like crazy. It was different for us but we still had fun. We had a good time,” said Baumann.
Back in November, the library opened its doors to the public, with screens and Plexiglass dividers mounted for the health and safety of visitors. The library continues to follow all state guidelines and recommendations, and currently operates as a “hybrid library” with all programming now virtual. She noted in her report that new merchandise was available at the library, as well as a ton of books available for sale.

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