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Lot subdivision proposed at Overlook property

The owners of a six-acre parcel of land in New Harbor have filed an application with the Planning Board to subdivide the property into two parcels: one 4.5 acres in size and one 1.5 acres in size.
The application was submitted by Overlook Realty LLC owner Steve Filippi, and was the subject of a public hearing before the Planning Board on Oct. 14.
While some members of the public asked the members of the Planning Board to consider how any future development may impact the neighborhood and the Great Salt Pond, Overlook attorney Brian LaPlante repeatedly said that there were no plans to develop the property, and the only matter before the board was the proposed subdivision of the land.
“This is not a land development project at all,” said LaPlante. “It is a subdivision of property solely. The creation of a lot line. That’s it.”
The smaller lot would section off the immediate surrounding area of the Overlook, while creating a larger undeveloped parcel. LaPlante said that whatever was ultimately proposed for the undeveloped lot would have to comply with the town’s zoning requirements and restrictions.
Because of that, LaPlante said he had attached to the application

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