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Lyme disease vaccine trial coming to Block Island

You may have seen the trailer at the Block Island Power Company and wondered just what is it doing here? Well, on Wednesday, two gentlemen who were on Block Island for the first time, stopped by The Block Island Times office to tell us about it.Gerhart Keller, a retired nurse who has gotten back in on the action, is from Pennsylvania, and Jerodney Spicer, a patient educator, is from South Carolina. Keller and Spicer both work for Care Access and the trailer is here for what is called a “pop-up clinical trial” that Care Access is conducting on behalf of Pfizer, the creator of a potential new vaccine for Lyme disease. You may see them around town in the coming weeks as they educate the public about the trial.Most people who live on Block Island, and countless visitors have experienced Lyme disease, which is transmitted to people via the tiny deer tick. When left untreated or undiagnosed, Lyme can cause serious long-term health problems from general fatigue to joint and heart problems.The launch of the trial started on July 25, and they will continue to enroll people through December. Fifty percent of all participants will receive a saline

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