Block Island Times

Magaziner visits Block Island for 1st ‘Town Hall’

Congressman Seth Magaziner spent the better part of the day on Monday visiting Block Island and meeting with residents of all ages.First, he held a “Town Hall” that was attended by about three dozen people. This, he said was his first town hall event ever as a new congressman. Magaziner ran for Rhode Island’s District 2 seat in the United States House of Representatives in 2022. Securing the win, he replaced outgoing Congressman Jim Langevin earlier this year. Before that, Magaziner served as treasurer for the State of Rhode Island for eight years, a seat he was elected to at the age of 30.Although Magaziner said he was really there to listen and find out what the citizens of Block Island’s priorities were, he started out by going through “what’s going on in Congress,” and what his office could do for Rhode Islanders in his district.The latter is referred to as “constituent services,” and Magaziner said “Any time you’re having an issue with a federal agency, we’ll be your advocate.” This extends to services related to Social Security, Medicare and SNAP benefits to immigration, green cards and

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