Block Island Times

“Make this the year!”

The Deer Task Force met on Tuesday, June 1 for its first meeting with its new members. The DTF elected Member Susan Hagedorn as chair for the first order of business. She explained that she joined the Task Force because she wants to decrease tick borne diseases, and she believes it would be okay to eliminate the whole herd. She mentioned that “anybody who has been on the island for awhile has had Lyme or some other tick-borne disease.” Hagedorn also asked the other new members why they are on the task force.Member Jeffrey Wright said that this is his fifth year on the island. He is a lifelong hunter, but this past season was the first he has hunted on Block Island. He said that being a part of the DTF is a way to give back to the community.Police Chief Matthew Moynihan will also be a member of the task force, unless he designates one of his officers to fill the role. He said he would like a “better understanding of what the task force is all about.” He said he had some knowledge of how things had been done in the past and thought there

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