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Block Island Attainable/ Affordable Housing Community ForumThursday, March 3, 2022,4 to 6 p.m. at the Block Island School cafeteria
This workshop is to establish and quantify the need of attainable/affordable Housing (AAH) on Block Island. With this information, we can approach the town, state, and federal agencies for assistance. There is no doubt that AAH is needed, but we need to organize ourselves and provide credible information so that this can become a possibility, and then a reality. The community forum agenda is planned as follows:
1) Introduction of the community forum and its format.2) Discussion of land use/ownership maps created by the Town.3) Brief comments by Town Council members wishing to speak about the issue.4) Workshop One: Establishing the need. In this workshop we will detail:
  a) What is currently available for what is considered AAH, what is considered rental, and what is considered employee housing.  b) The results of the historic surveys.  c) The result of the current survey we sponsored, with comparison/contrasting of historic.  d) Discussion of what other information could be obtain to help establish the need if necessary.
5) Workshop Two: Quantifying the need: In this workshop we will detail:  a) The

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